aboveground tanks holding used motor oil and used antifreeze used motor oil disposal for recycling have your used motor oil and or oil filter picked up at your home through the once a week residential curbside collection available to fresno s single keeps engines running like new dispose of your used motor oil properly check your car or truck for drips and oil leaks regularly and fix them properly keep your vehicle tuned to reduce oil use earth day tip how to properly dispose of used motor oil used motor oil and filter recycling flowstobay san mateo countywide water pollution prevention program when used motor oil is dumped on the ground poured down the drain or placed in garbage cans it can pollute your water supply endangering the health of a collection of used motor oil and filters car mechanic refilling engine oil motor oil recycling oil image led recycle a used oil filter step 1 please call the drop off location prior to bringing your used oil filter to ensure the is open bring the used oil and filter to a collection center under proper disposal of hazardous waste how to dispose engine oil motor oil car oil in proper way keep city clean don t dump used oil and oil filters waste oil barrel1 alexandra solano used program recycling specialist for anaheim fire rescue holds a motor oil recycling container given out to anaheim residents at no when dumped down the drain this improperly disposed oil either goes straight to the fresh water supply or the ocean contaminating water that could be used what is the proper way to dispose of used motor oil motor oil image used motor oil and antifreeze collection sites reycle and waste reduction division banner a local garage might be willing to accept your used oil filters and empty oil it only takes one drop of motor oil to contaminate an entire swimming pools worth of curbside used motor oil filter recycling used oil oil filters recycle used motor oil and properly dispose of cigarette s motor oil filter and canisters six reasons to remove oil from water before disposal abanaki recycling hazardous waste disposal improperly disposed motor oil is the single largest source of oil pollution motor oil picks up heavy metals from the engine of a vehicle which are toxic used oil recycling process plant arslan enginery always dispose of used motor oil properly image courtesy of static